Sunday, March 28, 2010


I made dinner tonight for a group of people who were on tour presenting at our church tonight.

Three pounds of hamburger
Two pounds of turkey
Two onions
Many bread crumbs
Six loaves of meat loaves

Ten pounds of potatoes
Two bags of frozen green beans
Two bags of frozen corn

Eighteen white rolls
Ten wheat rolls

Three bags of spinach, romaine, and spring mix lettuces
One bag of frozen peas
Two cans of beats
Two zucchinis (is that the right word?)
Three cucumbers
Ten roma tomatoes
One giant make-it-yourself salad

I have one giant make-it yourself salad left. I have two meat loaves left. I have a gallon size bag of green beans, corn, and potatoes left. I have eight rolls left. I won't be making lunch or dinner this week and will also be feeding my co-workers. BTW, I haven't even mentioned the eight chocolate cupcakes or key lime dessert that is left.

I also have a tye-dyed seatbelt thanks to beet juice.

I hope the people that ate my meal tonight are nourished, blessed, and enjoyed a home cooked meal, no matter how much was left over.


Bonnie K said...

Wow what a lot of food. I am making a pot roast and matzo balls for our Passover and that's seems enough for me.

Letterpress said...

I've done a few of those church suppers and it's really like feeding the five-thousand--so much is left over! We're always handing it out to the needy and others, and can't believe we overbought. I usually just chalk it up to a little miracle in my life.

Love the tie-dyed seat belt visual--great!