Sunday, February 14, 2010

Funnies from my students

I love them...they make me laugh. Here are some of the great ones from the past few days.

  • I had a student who had had an eye appointment and came back with some amazing shades to help after having his pupils dilated. First off, my students were VERY concerned after he walked back in. They thought he was blind. One student was so concerned and asked, "How are you going to be able to watch the game (referring to the Superbowl)?" He let him know that he could take them out and throw them away. The other boy breathed a sigh of relief and then said, "Good, cause you look weird."
  • On Friday, our school celebrated the opening of the Winter Olympics with our own parade. Our class was the last one to walk and as we got going, the music began with some great upbeat music that you just had to dance to. So, I did. Unfortunately, one of my girls that was leading our class didn't think it was so great. My student teacher overheard her say that she was glad I was in the back because I was embarrassing.
  • Later in the day, the same girl that I had embarrassed, asked me if I knew what word it was that meant you were all about yourself. I thought for a minute and then came up with vain (which we had discussed in our book about Edward). She said, "Yeah...that's me and my sister."
Oh these students just make me smile!

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The "FUNNIES" are a favorite of mine.