Saturday, January 2, 2010


Remember when you'd read the newspaper or see Jeopardy and it'd say Potpourri? I always wondered why they were going to talk about the smelly fragrance stuff...until I learned it's just a mixture of odds and ends.

So here's my odds and ends...

Did you know that this month is National Blogging Month? There's a challenge out there to blog once a day for 31 I'm going to accept the challenge. This will help me be intentional in writing as well as maintaining contact with those of you who read my blog (which by the way, so grateful for).

Today I was intentional in my get together with an old small group girl. I noticed a few times I was just waiting for her to stop talking so I could tell a story. I refrained at one point, because it was more important to listen to her and to reconnect. It was wonderful to see her!

Today I was intentional by picking out some books for my students as we begin our informational study for writing an informational book. I picked out a few more sports and comics books based on the reading that some of my students have done. I also picked out a Barbie book...just in case the girls are feeling girly.

Today I was intentional as students received new jobs (they'll see that on Monday morning). I put one girl in charge of the library because she is AMAZING at making sure students turn in their books. I am contemplating making her all-time librarian...she's more on top of it than I am.

Today I was intentional in listening to my Sunday school lesson for tomorrow. I actually listened to the skit that's on the CD rather than just reading it. I even practiced it...most of the time I just wing it...hey, teaching for a living seems to help in that area.

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