Thursday, January 21, 2010

He's just funny

I have this one boy who has a quirky sense of humor. Today, I was conferencing with him about his reading and he was in the middle of Skippyjon Jones: Lost in Spice. After talking with me (and since he's seen and read the book before) shared with me that one of his favorite parts is when he finds his "twin brother." And yes, reader, he used air quotes as he spoke. I was laughing inside so hard that I almost missed his next amazing comment. He began talking about the voices he hears as he reads. I can't quite describe how he said it, but I definitely smiled.

** The previous paragraph was written a few weeks ago and as I was postponing the drafting of it...he struck again.

I was talking with the writers in our class about how Gail Gibbons dedicates and thanks the people in her book who help teach her. As I was explaining who she had thanked in The Pumpkin Book, I told them that she had thanked an owner of a greenhouse. My quirky one pops in with, "Greenhouse? Is that like the White House?"

"No," I said and kept teaching.

And yet, another day, as I was talking with him to keep him focused (it's definitely hard somedays), I tried to encourage him as I left him to work on his book review. As I turned, he said, "I just haven't unlocked that power yet." Classic! I handed him a key to help him unlock his power and we are daily unlocking his power, and sometimes more than once a day.

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