Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blogging Book

(I know it's backwards...I created the cover and took a photo using Photo Booth.)
This is my new book. I use it to write down the amazing things that happen in my classroom that inspire me to become a better teacher. The students know every time I grab this book that I've either spied on them or they have said something I want to remember. Today was no exception.

I am reading to the class, The Magician's Elephant, by Kate DiCamillo. It was talking about the elephant saying her name to herself. I asked the class what they thought the name was. One of my cherubs piped in right away with, "Christina." We all kind of laughed and then he added, "Or maybe Cathy." I just smiled.

Then later, we were creating the -ay family and one of my boys suggested tay. When the students give me words that I know are not real words, I ask them to use it in a sentence. This boy didn't bat an eye. He responded with, "Can you tay my bathroom?" Hmmmm...maybe he's thinking tay means clean. :)

And of course, gay was offered. I tried to quickly explain that it meant happy and that nowadays people use it to mean stupid. I also tried not to catch the eye of the paraprofessional in the room or my student teacher, because I knew I would lose it. I already blushed, hoping that no students gave inappropriate comments about the word.


Anonymous said...

You should write a book. You're very talented.

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