Sunday, December 13, 2009

Life is...

I get updates from Caring Bridge in regards to two people that I know. Both are dealing with cancer. Both lives are traveling in opposite directions. One boy is almost in remission for the third time. God has done some amazing work in this boy and family's life as well as the people that surround them. The other lady is losing the battle and quickly and is in her final days with a brain tumor. Why the difference, I have no idea. It makes my stomach absolutely sick when I think of this godly woman whose family is struggling and is trying to cope with the days that are to come.

While I was on another blog, a teacher had used a prompt for a poem and I took a chance and am using it to write my own in honor of my friend who will very soon stand face to face with her Savior.

Life is...

Life is too short to not look in the eyes of others as they speak.
Life is too short to not forgive.
Life is too short to not give.
Life is too short to not smile.
Life is too short to not stop and take in the beauty around us.
Life is too short to not say I love you one more time.
Life is too short...what will you do with it?

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