Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hmmm, what does this say about my class (well, me)?

My students were able to see a live production of a musical. The substitute music teacher asked the students to write about their favorite part. Here's what my kids said. Well, it's not so much what they said, but how they said it.

Then, the next few classes come and write what they thought.

Anyone else see a difference in how they wrote? My students were the first ones to write their thoughts and did so. They wrote all over, not linear like the other classes. I am going to chalk it up to being allowed to have choice and freedom.

Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated. BTW, any teachers out there, would you be concerned that your class wrote like that and not the others or would you embrace it?

*** The photos are blurred in certain places to protect identities of school employees (since it's my blog and not their's).

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Deanna said...

Goodness, I don't know much about education, BUT I do know that I WISH you were Aaron's teacher!!! He is really struggling in a classroom that SEEMS to be set up in a "linear" fashion.... he would SO thrive in an environment where he could be more of a free thinker and that would be encouraged!!!! :)