Sunday, December 6, 2009

Are you serious?

Have you ever had people who just knew how to rhyme their comments with what they said before and get away with changing their answers? I've seen it done on tv quite a bit, but I've never been able to do it in real life...well, one of my students was able to.

He was washing his hands (standing backwards with his hands behind his back) - what he was thinking, I don't know...but as he was talking to another student, I asked, "What would your mother say?" I was trying to get to him to turn around, wash his hands, and shut off the water. Next time, I'll just be more direct. He responded with a look that told me he wasn't sure what I was saying over the running water...again, another clue to turn around and shut off the water.

He said, "What's my mother's name?" with a very puzzled look.

The other students had heard me and helped repeat, "What would your mother say?"

He said, "Mother's Day?"

Even more students yelled back, "What would your mother say?"

"Oh...nothing. She wouldn't care." Hmmm....really? Regardless of him washing his hands backwards, I just had to laugh that he was able to rhyme the statements right back so quickly.

And yes, the students realized that as he was talking, I was writing down key comments so I could blog.

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Anonymous said...

His mother does care, and had a talk with him about it.