Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What are your thoughts?

I read this in a book last night and would like your take on it...I have mine, but sometimes I feel that I don't quite "get it" sometimes when it comes to literature and symbolism.

"To see coming toward you
The face that will mean an end of oneness is -
Far more than birth itself-the beginning of life."

- Holly Roth

Thanks to all who comment!


Deanna said...

My brain is mush.... my life is full of baby rocking (and spit up).... chasing my boys.... I'm sorry.... I have NO IDEA! Maybe someone else can enlighten me, too! HA! :)

Sarah Amick said...

We are so "one" person and many changes in life occur that shake that oneness that we feel all the time. Motherhood did that for me, it wasn't just about birth, it was about the beginning of my new life too. Everything changed at that instance. It could happen for anything though, like weight loss, accepting Christ, earning a degree, etc. It breaks that oneness and creates a beginning to a new life, new things. New happenings! I like this quote!