Friday, August 14, 2009

New Day, New Mercies...

Last night, our college group got together and I lead a group of girls in it. Only one girl came. Another group leader and her girls were sharing and I was jealous and upset. My girls just don't seem serious about their faith and they're leaving and now what? (And to my male readers - apologizing in advance - I'm a little emotional these days) I talked with another leader and I think I just need time off. Time to rejuvenate and build so I can pour back into others.

Fast forward to this morning...talking with a girl on FB chat and she ends up sharing with me that she has a goal of reading through the NT by the end of her freshman year. Wow...what a quick answer to prayer.

I'm also getting together with them tomorrow for a picnic...My plan is to continue in contact with them as they go off to school and continue to challenge them in their faith as they begin to take ownership of their lives.

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Anonymous said...

I just want to say- you do make a such a difference to many people, and pour so much into others (not just college girls!), so please don't get does not go un-appreciated!