Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I am a big believer in compliments. This world is always so negative it seems and a little kindness and genuineness go a long way in my book. This past week I was observed by two different people...one teacher now a coach and one student who was a former student of that teacher now coach. They were both able to sit and watch my students during our workshop and the sharing that occurs at the end. I received compliments from the both of them that truly are humbling...I am so blessed to be in the position that I am and so grateful that there are others who see what I do and what the kids accomplish and get it...it's nice to be complimented.

During our sharing time while the student was there, the students inquired of a child who has an IEP what he was trying to teach them, how that would make them better readers, and is he trying to say... The reason they say these things is because of modeling. The reason they are a community and speak to each other the way they do is because it's expected of them...it's because workshops work in classrooms.

As of right now, students will be placed next year into classrooms by the computer (data)...it'll be interesting to see if a random selection of students will also exhibit the same community that has been built in my classroom for the past few years. Also, I'm going to have a student teacher for January through March, so that'll be interesting too...any ideas would be greatly appreciated. How do you handle the conferencing and focus lessons with a student teacher.

With the year wrapping up, I am enjoying my students and enjoying each day with them...the good and the bad.

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