Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Day...

Today was an interesting day. Nothing too spectacular, but it was a funny day here and there. One of my boys (who I dearly love) wears his heart on his sleeve. Apparently he told something to another friend and another boy overheard and told me. I had him apologize to the teacher he made his comment to and watched his whole demeanor change. I pulled him aside later to have him explain how he was feeling. He wrote me a note and then later blamed this boy for bending his eraser. The boy didn't...my heart on the sleeve boy did. He was exacting revenge! Later, he told me he's been trying to get revenge on this boy for destroying his life. His words exactly...such drama. I love these boys dearly and by the end of the day, I think we had it more figured out and everyone calmed down.

Another boy in my room today, who is currently going through testing to see if there is a disability or emotional issue was out in the hallway. He was thirsty so he got a drink. From this fountain.

Oh wait...you were thinking he used the spout, right? WRONG! He licked where the standing water was. Makes me want a tetanus shot for my mouth...ugh!

We ended the day starting The Tale of Despereaux!!! I wish you could have heard how they were gasping and exclaiming and talking about the characters. They all yelled, "It's the red thread!" Can't wait to continue this with them tomorrow!

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Christi Overman said...

Oh, I know I've probably told you this four thousand times, but my kids LOVED The Tale of Despereau...they STILL talk about it and we read it at the beginning of the year! Someone always has it in their book bin...I have no idea where it even is right now! It'll be interesting to see how your kids react to it too!