Thursday, March 26, 2009

Newness...slice of life

It had been in my possession for several days. A student had given it to me...after sitting on my desk and smelling it every now and again, I took the fragrant grapefruit home. It sat in my fruit drawer for even more days. I am a fan of tangerines and oranges, but grapefruit? I had always assumed they were too tart for me.

I pulled open the drawer and felt adventurous today. The aroma reminds me of cleanliness, of lotions (Bath and Body anyone?), of life. I sliced through it and looked at the perfectly positioned portions. Realizing that my mom's grapefruit knife really did have a purpose, I began to muddle through cutting the sections.

After a sprinkling (okay, heaping) of Splenda, I used my spoon to slide a section into my mouth. My taste buds realized there was a new flavor, my brain took over...not bad I thought. I tried a second bite. Oooh, my mouth puckered. The Splenda really does help out.

Each section as juicy as the one before. Each section as refreshing as the one before. Each section allowing me to experience the sweetness, bitterness, and tartness that are all rolled into one.

It was a nice way to begin a winding down evening at home.

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