Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slice from Sunday

We had finished lunch and I was dying to open my presents. Two boxes covered in a beautiful aquamarine awaited me. My mom instructed me to open the card last. I called my sister, put her on speaker phone (since she wasn't able to be there) and grabbed the boxes. I opened the first one and to my surprise (I should have known) found several small items wrapped in multi-colored tissue paper. This will be fun, I thought. As I opened each one, I laughed out loud. Decks of cards and sports beans. Inside jokes from my sister. She had told me that I would love my present...I guess I did. We recently discovered that we both love hand and foot, so now we can play when she comes up.

I opened the second box...waiting to find the gift card to Ann Taylor Loft (I always get at least one). Nope...more cards and sports beans. There has to be a catch.

Grabbing the card and ripping open the envelope proved to be even more disappointing. I was honestly expecting a check or gift card, but to my shock, there was NOTHING in the envelope but the signature from my mom telling me she and her husband loved me.

My brain started working in overdrive. My mom was videotaping this and I was trying to hold back the tears that were collecting in my eyes. She finally said, "Denny has to go get your present." Whew...I was wondering what in the world she had hidden. Was it my sister and her boyfriend hiding? A tv? I had casually mentioned wanting a new one eventually...but my stepdad brought out a white box with the word KitchenAid on it. Oh, yeah!!! A 10 speed, 5 quart, Artisan cobalt blue mixer with a handle and shield. The tears fell finally.

The reason behind wanting a mixer like this??? Other than the fact that it's awesome? My mom makes home made angel food cakes (she learned from her mother) and in January she taught me how. Now I can make my own...so excited! A tradition lives on...

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Anonymous said...

I love my mixer! I didn't cry when I got it, but it is definitely better (and more useful) than a clothing gift card. :) This is a really well written Slice! I could feel your disappointment/excitement.