Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Our community lost an amazing soul today. Officer Terry Polston began a new life today. He lived a life of loving others, his family, and most importantly Jesus. I cannot even express how much of an impact this man's life had on our community.

After hearing about his death, I had to stop and think...is being single really all that bad? My small group girls (have had them for four years) were over tonight (they come every Tuesday night). We discussed OP (that's what everyone called him) and the impact that he had on many lives and I shared with the girls that lately it's just been really hard to be single. They then shared with me that they had talked another time when they were among themselves about how life might be different if I was married and had kids right now. Our impromptu get-togethers and sleepovers and Tuesday nights might not be an option. One of the girls even commented that they had talked about the fact that maybe I was single so I could be there for them. If that's what it is...then I am blessed! I was able to see some of the college kids while they were home on Thanksgiving break and had a quick hello at church. Many of them want to get together and have sushi while they are home.

I have to be honest. I have dwelled many days on why being single sucks. Most of my close girlfriends have had some big events occur in their lives lately and I haven't been able to connect well with them. I am just feeling alone. Seeing how Terry lived his life and reconnecting with these kids who are becoming tomorrow's adults reminds me that I have a purpose. I can love these kids and be involved in their lives while I am single. I can be an encouragement to them. I can be their raving fan. I can leave a legacy...if I am willing to surrender my own desires and throw myself at God's feet and allow Him to carry me through this life.


Ward said...

That's a great positive attitude... Remember, God has a plan already laid out for us all, you just have to embrace it and let it happen, whatever that may be.

Sarah Amick said...

You know I have a friend that attended to a small group of girls lie you, she was single until she was 30 and then our new middle school youth pastor swept in and married her. Guess what, she still gets to be with groups of girl students, her children are supported by the mothers of youth, and she lives ideally doing her "purpose." God is good all the time and all the time God is good. It's the people who screw it up. If we could just be better at waiting...