Friday, November 21, 2008


First off...thanks lately to all of the comments and new names of readers that I don't's such a humbling thing to know that what you're writing people actually read.

Tonight I sit in a local coffee house working on a unit plan. I finally stepped up to the plate and am helping write unit plans for the reading curriculum adopted (for anyone new, I don't particularly love it). My unit is inferring...which I love...just not the literature they chose.

I cannot tell you how intimidating it is to write out plans and know that three other educators are going to be reading it and while maybe not out loud and to your face, but critiquing it just the same.

It's a good stepping stone for me. Putting my ideas out there (odd as they may be sometimes) for others to read, try, and help make better.

I'll be letting you know what they thought in a few weeks...and Sarah...we'll be bringing in some trash!

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Sarah Amick said...

try the lesson where you bring in a dirty slipper or shoe. that is a wonderful lesson, because they make an inference and you highlight in different colored pens the schema, the actual evidence. need more let me know!
All reading curriculum has its place, but it cannot be the end all be all of your curriculum. if you are using other material (which you are) then your kids will be okay. you would teach inferencing anyway you know!!!!
do you have comprehension connection? get it if you don't, it is fabulous!