Thursday, November 13, 2008

Being Honest

Yesterday was not a great day at school. I felt like I kept snipping at the class. During my reading workshop, some of the kids kept interrupting me. As a result, I had a heart to heart with them.

After school, I met with some AMAZING teachers and shared my frustration. One of them...whom I dearly love...has had the same problem. She shared with me that my "talking time" is probably not as long as the students' working time. She shared that with her class. I decided to take her lead today and share it with mine too.

I drew them a pie graph and showed them the amount of time they have to work, share, and my time to teach. I was hoping to show them that their time outweighs mine and my "talking time" is very small, but very precious.

As I taught today...I felt that we accomplished a lot more. Simply because they knew their time was more than mine.

And as a sidenote, as we were reading in our informational big book, a pie graph was shown and I was able to explicitly teach it...because they remembered the graph I showed them about my "talking time".

Things are looking up in our room!!!

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