Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy October

I thought I'd update you with some great stories from my class.

- One of my students came up and told me that another student had called him the b word. Hmmm...this could be a variety of words, so I asked him what the b word was. He replied with pumpkin butt. Another student told me that the child had said pumpkin head. Regardless, I let the situation go. However, I did have to bite my lip to keep from grinning too hard.

- We studied some animal habitats - rainforest, wetlands, temperate forest, etc. First off, my students cannot remember temperate...they say temporary all of the time. I was out Wednesday morning and was asking the students about their things went. They told me everything was good, but their noise level was a little too high. "Not all of the time, though, a little loud here and there," they said. "A little loud and a little not...kind of like the temperate forest." - I grinned at that one - they got the concept and the word right!

- Today we were playing two games while I had some students being serviced. One of my boys that was with me laid a six-sided domino in a great spot and I said, "that was really smart." He replied, "That was e-word." You might wonder what e-word means. I don't let my students say easy, simply because I don't want others to feel bad if something isn't for them. However, he got around it by saying e-word. Apparently, MANY of the students have coined e-word for easy and they use it in that context too. I had to laugh at their cleverness.

- After having a small fluency lesson on how to change your voice with question marks and exclamation points, I had them ask a question out loud to practice raising their voice at the end. One boy piped up with, "Why is your mom wearing her bathing suit in the shower?" He did an okay job on the question, but not raising his voice, so I asked him to say it again. All of the kids joined him (woo hoo - all practicing). So that was funny...but then one of my boys asked another question, "Why is your father wearing your mom's bathing suit in the shower?" How could I not giggle...the whole class was laughing and we definitely did not answer that question.

- I have been reading (okay, not lately) a book called, Oh Yuck!. It is FILLED with disgusting topics that my boys LOVE! We have read about boogers and bats. Well, in the part about bats, it talks about beetles that are in the the guano (bat poop). The boys (see two stories above) told me that they shouldn't have gone into the bat cave at the zoo because of the beetles that were in the bat poop. I asked them if they remembered what that was called and my e-word boy said, "tobacco." The boys giggled and I told them "guano." E-word boy kept talking and said, "Yeah, people eat tobacco, not guano." I didn't have the heart to tell them that "eating" tobacco was probably pretty gross.

All in all, I can say that I beginning to enjoy them more...

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Sarah Amick said...

We have a teacher that says they can't say easy, they must say "effortless." Like if you learn this then this... will be effortless! Great vocabulary word too!