Sunday, September 7, 2008


I seriously am becoming sick to my stomach as I try and plan for the week. Our school was finally able to qualify for Title 1 and while I am excited at the extra help our students will get, my heart aches for what needs to occur in my classroom. I wish I would have had better thoughts at our planning meeting and while our principal says it is not set in stone yet (I talked with her on Friday), I need to figure out what to do. I normally start my morning with reading workshop and then follow with writing workshop. I am blessed to have preps mostly in the afternoon and can devote a huge chunk the way a workshop should go. However, since I am having two groups being pulled at two different times, there are some mornings where I will need to rearrange and put off our workshops because of all things, reading and writing are two subjects these students shouldn't be pulled from. Title 1 should be in addition to, not in replace of something in my classroom. Right now as it stands, I am thinking they will miss some of the math lesson (which I'll teach individually later to them) and possibly our Accelerated Math program and sometimes our working with words.

I am hoping that we can get together as a primary group and come up with a better solution to some of the problems we see with the current schedule and make changes to support teachers, students, and the wonderful people that will be working with our students. More info will come to let you know how it goes...I'm praying that something can be done so my two groups can be turned into one group that gets serviced by two teachers at once...we'll see. One day at a time, right?


TeacherMom said...

Oh Sister,

Do I know what your saying! We just started school (late start this year), so I don't have my pull out schedule yet. Last year I had 9 pulled out for ENL, 6 pulled out for Reading Recovery,one for special Ed. services, and 2 pulled out for speech. One child was pulled out for all of the above. We are Title also, but there were so many 2nd graders that needed services 1st grade didn't get serviced. This year I will have kids pulled for all of the above and Title.

If I have a say I always try to get some of my kids pulled in the first and last 20 minutes of each day. I also am going to convince the powers that be that it would be OK to pull during one of three PE's (the third PE is new this year)

Last year, it also worked if kids could be pulled once in a while during Reading Workshop. I would confer with these kids at the beginning or end of Reading Workshop. I wouldn't want them to be pulled more than once a week during this time, but once worked.

Our Title and Reading Recovery teachers are wonderful about being flexible. Sometimes I feel these kids just need to stay in my room!

Remind Title that these kids should not be pulled out during reading instruction. They should get a "double dose".

Good Luck! I will probably be posting something similar in a few weeks when I get my schedule!

Sarah Amick said...

Oh Cathy, do keep working toward that goal of workshop it is so important to those kiddos. we have to stand and fight for what we believe.
I will be thinking of you!

hilary said...

Hey Cathy... I don't know if you could manage it, but in our 2nd grade we opted for a "tier 2" time of the day (ours was/is luckily in the afternoon). That was the time when our students receiving interventions were serviced in small groups and the rest of the class was still doing literacy based activities but it was not our workshop time... we didn't think we would be able to fit it in, but we made it work... just something to think about!!