Sunday, August 3, 2008

Movie Review...Writer Style

If you haven't seen the movie, WALL-E, then stop reading this...go watch it and then come back and read.

Okay, so if you're still reading one of three things has happened...1) you don't follow rules, 2) you've already seen the movie, or 3) you really don't care and are still going to keep reading.

I watched the movie WALL-E tonight and during it I felt like I had to keep my brain awake to remember the big themes that I saw. In fact, I heard the captain say something and I pulled a piece of paper out of my purse (in the middle of the movie) and started writing it down (in the dark, I don't even know if I wrote in a straight line). The following are many of the thoughts and the processing that goes along with them.

I was blown away by the progression of the weight gain of the people simply because they didn't stay active. I was wondering what people thought of this as they watched it. After having lost some weight...and still trying to work on being healthy, I don't know if I was more in tune with it. I felt bad for these people (in the movie) who weren't able to get around without the help of an aided machine. I also thanked God that even though I may not LOVE my thighs right now...I am able to move and run and get around without the help of others. It was a good reminder to me to stay active and keep pursuing the goal of being healthy and enjoying life.

With the thought of enjoying life...the people were surrounded by machines who displayed lovely distractions in front of them all of the time. When the distraction was taken away, they were finally able to notice what was around them...the pool, the stars, others. How many times am I distracted by things around me?

I loved the way that WALL-E took care of Eva. It was an unconditional love...and yes, I know they were robots and aren't real. When she was able to see how he cared for her, she was on a mission to save him. He pursued her...(can you tell it's the romantic side of me???). He longed for ache that we all have. And it goes right along with the message that our pastor talked about today about the two greatest commandments and how we should love others. BTW...feel free to get the podcast - WCC - Unbreakable...

Finally...this is what started the entire writing down process (Ruth and Stacey, are you proud of me??? - I should show this notetaking to my class), the captain says, "I don't want to survive, I want to live." Ugh! What a great statement! I don't want to merely go through this life just existing, I want to leave a mark...I want to be something...I want to know that I matter and that I made a difference! Whew...I'm glad school is starting soon so I can start pouring this passion into my students and loving on my colleagues.

For those of you who watched the movie...what are your thoughts? And for those of you don't follow you feel like you want to see the movie now?


Jen Barney said...

loved the movie!!!
Excellent thoughts my friend...
The part I love the best is when he took he own two hands like he was holding someone elses. To hope for something in such a lonely place....
good thoughts..

Anonymous said...

i had another thought after our review of the movie Sunday night--about the part where all of a sudden the 'distractions' were taken away. as i sat and observed all the people eating the liquid diets, watching endless hours of video feed, and sitting in comfy chairs, I thought to myself, "they are completely numb to everything around them, that is not the life they were meant to live!" The captain's assistant (his name escapes me) unknowingly controlled the people--and they didn't see it! Keeping them locked in a life of unknown misery. So, I'm sitting there thinking...that is exactly what happens in real life. the enemy distracts us from the glorious lives God intends for us with 'comfy' perks--which are really unkown misery. the moment i saw the guy wake up from the break in the video feed, i could remember various times of my own life where i suddenly woke up from something keeping my heart from God--way too many to express in this blog :) i am so thankful that the Lord continues to open my eyes to His working and will be praying for others to be blessed the same way!

I also loved the way Wall-e continued to pursue Eva with a sacrifical love the whole entire movie. another reflection of the way our Creator works.

And, lastly, those robot kisses were hot! --Brandy (I had to say something superficial...)