Saturday, August 9, 2008

Calling on Ideas

I begin my year and most mornings with a meeting with my students. I gather them to the Hive by playing a song (currently The More We Get Together). I greet them, we talk, and then we often sing several songs together. Most of these songs go along with some text that I have either typed or the actual books. I am looking for new songs or just wanting to know what other songs teachers use. If you have any ideas, PLEASE jot me a comment. The More We Get Together is getting a little old...



TeacherMom said...

I was really hoping you would have many responses so I could steal

Making a classroom CD is one of my summer goals.(I still have a few weeks) I did see where someone used "carwash" for clean-up time. I thought that was cute.

What is the song that Debbie Miller uses? Maybe I will post this question on Proteacher to see what everyone says. Let me know if you find any great ideas and I will do the same.


Marisa said...

I'm a big fan of using old school music instead of "kiddie" music. I use ABC by the Jackson five for morning song. I have a lot of Motown and Funk (kid appropriate of course). Go on itunes and look up the greats, Aretha Franklin, EWF, Stevie Wonder etc.
You'll find some good stuff, and you'll be surprised how much the kids enjoy it. I also throw in some Beatles, they love the Beatles. The Cha Cha slide is one of our class faves for movement, along with the limbo, locomotion and Respect. Also check out some of the songs on High School Musical...they love it.

Stacey from Two Writing Teachers said...

Have you considered using components of the Responsive Classroom Method?