Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SOLSC - Breathe

I had finally collapsed onto the mat after our hard workout at kickboxing. I was sweating in places that didn't know how to sweat. I left rings of sweat on the mats. It was disgusting! Heading out to the car, I turned on the air conditioning full blast and decided to take a different route home.

The only thing on my mind, other than a hot shower, was what I was going to eat. Avocado, salsa, corn, black beans...yum! The road traveling home was not the normal interstate* , but I thought I could get away with 60 mph in a 55. I coasted through the countryside. I neared the country club, which lets my brain know, I'm approaching civilization and a new speed limit. The new limit was 40. Was I traveling that? Honestly, I don't really know what my right foot was doing. I just wanted a shower.

I rounded the corner and to my surprise saw one of the town's cops coming towards me. Immediately, my heart was in my throat and I slammed on the brakes. He lit up his lights and I knew I was busted. He had to keep traveling away from me to turn around and he slowed down to make the turn. During this time, I had slowed down to a respectable five below the speed limit. I kept my eyes mainly in the rearview mirror...waiting to see the red and blue to come towards me. As I kept watching, he didn't turn around. It felt like an eternity watching and waiting for him to come back. I had to say a silent thank you to the officer who decided it wasn't worth his while. Thanks for telling me I was going too fast, which I knew and thanks for not turning around to come get me!

Lesson of the story - I'll stick with my interstate and leave the country roads for my biking. (*Added note...what is 30 considered? Maybe just a highway...I don't know...It's a US route.)

And for those of you who know where I live...you can guess which town it was that blinked their lights at me! I guess they don't always ticket people.


Deanna said...

Interstate?!! Interstate?!! Did they put an interstate in Warsaw after we moved?!!!!!!!!! :)

Deanna said...

Ha! Thanks for the update on "30"! You make me smile!

Just so you know, I've had interesting encounters with those town cops, too! UG! :(

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a bit too high of a speed I was going today... boy did I get down and FAST!


Anonymous said...

Your driving story reminds me of one of my own from today. I looked down and realized I was a bit too fast... Boy did I put the break on! FAST!!!


Rick Glass said...

You are charmed my dear. People travel that fast on Market Street and never encounter an officer. WLPD lives to write tickets.