Monday, May 26, 2008

Why I will continue reading workshop...

We adopted a series that they are calling a "stepping stone" for teachers to move into reading workshop. I will be attending a training workshop next week that will help show me how this series will help me fit it into my reading workshop (I need to work on my attitude). I will say that I am weak in guided reading groups and I am hoping that this helps. However, because of what I saw in my class, I will continue doing what I know is right FOR MY STUDENTS.

We spent a few days discussing informational text - finding main idea, details, and referencing pronouns. My students really seemed to grasp finding pronouns and they figuring out what the pronouns referred to. But I knew some of them had it when on a worksheet (yes, from the basal series), they drew arrows showing me what they referring to when they used a pronoun. I love it when they take what you taught and APPLY it to their own reading and writing.

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