Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Do your kids do this???

Today, we unveiled our last book...oh sorry, forgot to tell you the third book.

My kids went NUTS when they opened it. We know the characters so well that they could barely keep from talking throughout the ENTIRE book.

Today, we unveiled...

As I read today, I noticed, my students do what the book says. Barry Tuckerman constantly waves his hand...when he does this, my students do it too. When the students get out their dictionaries, my students micmic it. I wonder...do they do this because they have such strong mental images, because they are comprehending the story, or do they do it just because I let them and haven't said anything??? I often have them make a sigh if I read it in a book...I want them to know what it sounds like and to engage themselves in a book like I do.

Any ideas? Do your students do this too??? Or are mine just crazy like me?

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GirlGriot said...

Your students don't sound crazy ... they sound totally into the stories you're reading! I love that they mimic the actions in the book. I hope they hang onto that ability to immerse themselves in a book!