Sunday, March 30, 2008

Slice of Life Challenge #22 - Skype

I got on my computer tonight with the intention of watching a YouTube video and talking with a guy from church. I saw a missionary family's name on my contact list and decided to write them just to see if they were around. I am so glad I did. Not only were they there, it was one of their birthdays!

To give you a little background, every time this family is in town on furlough (they are currently in PNG (Papau New Guinea), I had the privilege of watching their now four children. They are such a giving family who serve the Lord and sacrifice so much. Due to my fear of flying and lots of other issues, I have never flown over there, but if I could transport like in Star Trek, would in a heartbeat.

To be able to talk and hear their voices made my evening. In a day where the Internet brings many scary things, it's nice to know that a little bit of distance becomes obsolete and I can catch up and still be a part of their life.

If you have not heard of Skype, it is wonderful! You can chat, video chat, or just talk on the mikes (if you have one). You can even do conference calls. One of the pastors at our church moved out east and yet I feel like they are still around because we can talk with them on it.

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Deanna said...

Oh yippe.... it's so fun to be mentioned on a friend's blog!!! We LOVE Skype!!! :)

Scott was in North Carolina this weekend at a conference.... he doesn't have a camera on his new laptop from the church, but we were still able to skype so that he could see the boys. It made his day during a long wait at the airport this afternoon!

Have a great week!