Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Slice of Life Challenge #12 - A Camera

One of the greatest slices that I tend to notice is my students and the smart things they say. Today I had students meet together to talk about their writing with each other and ask questions that might be unclear in a reader's mind. One of my students read his story. Part of his story takes place where the student is in the cafeteria and then it jumps to that night while he's laying in bed. Our writing coach had taught him to how writers place asterisks in their writing to show that time has taken place and the writer didn't feel like writing all about it.

One smart reader asked him about this part. It didn't make sense to her. It jumped too much. He then told (and showed) the group and said that the stars meant time had passed. I told him he could teach the class tomorrow (it actually showed up in our Gooney Bird book, so I had him teach it this afternoon). Which made the girl say with glee, "Yay, that means I can do it."

How wonderful that she has grasped that when someone teaches you something, you can try it! How many times can I say that I adore my class?

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