Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Today, I had our writing coach in my room. I have noticed that many students like to talk with other writers. I want to give them tools when conferencing with others. We created a T-chart about what we heard and what our writers did. I had two boys talk with each other because they often do and have had practice. We wrote on our chart and then practiced with other writers. I wish you could have seen one group. I had already frustrated this boy by moving him from place to another. Then I put him with two other writers who had "lost" their writing. Now, all three of these students are very bright. This boy (the same one who inferred, way past you - see earlier posts) brought me a note and had a horrible pouty look on his face when I had a chance to look over at his group. His note said...I am very very very very very ennui. Ennui is a lack of excitement or experiencing boredom. We have been reading Gooney Bird Greene and the Room Mother and have written down our new vocabulary word ennui that very day! I am so glad he had an opportunity to use it!

In reflecting, during sharing time instead of letting the students go off a little of how their conferences went, I would have had them tell exactly from the chart something they experienced as well as if there is anything that should go on our chart.

And if I get the parent permission, I am going to try and put a video of two students on my blog that had a very cute to see if I'm able.


dnsvm said...

We just finished the first Gooney Bird Greene! It's funny how these books can inspire the kiddos in the most interesting way. I had a comparison between Gooney and a character that was dressed eccentrically!

Anonymous said...

So funny, Jordan was just telling us about one of the vocabulary words last night on the way to church! I'll spell it the way he pronounced it...he said, "Mom, do you know what indefagatigable means?" LOL I was cracking up!

He went on to explain that it means "working without tiring", I think is what he said!