Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday blues

Friday was a tough day for me teaching wise.  I am working with kids on non-fiction books (writing) and getting ready for reading.  I showed the kids four different ways to write and a lead and why it's important in writing and reading.  Because we had a shortened day, it was a little unconventional for the workshop agenda.  I had them try a lead and reread their pages they had written already to try and add a lead.  When we came together for a sharing circle...oh, btw, during our no walk, no talk..had several kids that got up and even interrupted me in my writing.  During the sharing...only 4 kids had tried a lead.  How frustrating.  And this past week while I was conferencing for of the rules is to be prepared.  That means having your notebook out to write down your questions (that's the strategy we're working on).  How many kids had it actually out that I conferenced with?  NONE!  I sat the kids down on Friday and had a SERIOUS discussion with them.  I told them I wasn't mad at them...I was upset with myself as a teacher because I don't know how to get them to do what I ask...Monday is a new day, but I would really appreciate any advice from you educators that read this.  You have become a true support group for me and I enjoy the friendships and just knowing there are others out there!  


Jen Barney said...

i think that Sarah and i have been dealing with issue as well. we both went and revisited our procedures and expectations again in both workshop areas. in my room, it has helped.

Sarah Amick said...

I have to say that after holiday break it has stank for my kiddos to get back to it. Go over procedures. Pull out the books that you started with, etc. Go over the promise that you all made together. Regain the community.
I know too that my kids have really struggled with going from writing naratives to writing nonfiction pieces. Their hearts just aren't in it! They really want to share more connections and stories and stuff. It's kind of like they had stuff to say in their writing but I snuffed it out because we went straight into nonfiction pieces.
I may be on to something!

Ms. Mize said...

I am sorry you had a not so good day. I have found that doing things after a break can sometimes seem like starting over. I go back over routines and practice them when it seems like my class has forgotten something. Perhaps you could make something visual too that reminds them what needs to be done. At least we have today. It is nice to have a three day weekend. I am sure next week will be better!

Dina said...

Don't have any advice, but understand the frustrations. Mine comes more on the bball court coaching than in the classroom. If you find something that works, let me know. :)