Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One of my Passions!

Here is a picture of my small group girls. Seated on the steps at church are all of them. We had just finished a book study on Captivating and I surprised them with a dinner. All of them actually made it...one of the first times ever, so I had to capture it in a picture. The second picture is the small group girls who went to Bigstuf in PCB, FL. It was a great time and they are absolutely amazing! I still find it to be so humbling how much they teach me and what beautiful women they are! I am so proud of them and wanted to show them off.


Sarah Amick said...

Hey, it is good to hear from you! I am always checking to see if you've posted. I am just about to split with my excitement about this coming school year. I have gone through my books, started gearing up for the year. I am hoping to have a blogger party soon. Hope you can attend. When does school start for you?

Deanna said...

Awesome, Cathy! You sure do great things with your girls! By the way, some HOT MAMA must have taken that first picture because it's amazing! HA! :) Love ya!