Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pursue - Custom comment codes Even though no one has challenged me with the "one word" to focus on, reading all of the other blogs has made me think. Pursue is the best word I can come up with simply because I am always wanting others to pursue me (being brutally honest), whether that be friends, God, or yes, a man. But in thinking about what word I could focus on for the year, what about my pursuit? My pursuit of my future students and their education, my pursuit of my relationship with God, my pursuit of my friends and family, and my pursuit of learning? Am I willing to push on to become what God wants of me this year and let go of what others think of me? I'm getting closer every day to that attitude...and by focusing on what I need to pursue...I'll get there.

By the way, ever type a word so many times you wonder if you spelled it correctly?


Jen Barney said...

Great choice...... Follow your heart and the direction in which your faith takes you professionally and personally.Pursuing it will be such an amazing journey.

Deanna said...

Loved this post, Cathy. It's exciting to see (and read) what God is doing in that sweet heart of yours!

Can't wait to spend a week with you in Florida! YEA!

Ruth said...

Hi, hi! Are you all packed & ready to roll (or perhaps you've already left -- not sure of your exact departure date!).

What a great word for a focus. Love your candid-ness in this post. You are so real & genuine.

Prayers for you to have a blessings-filled week.


Kirsten said...

love your choice. Pursuing all your wants and needs will be an adventure for you.