Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thinking Aloud

I read to my class, If Only I Had a Green Nose, by Max Lucado (great book), and right away, my students realized once again, that it was a sequel to a book we had read earlier in the year. But what shocked me more was that one of my boys asked if I could read the back of the book jacket to give them more information and help them predict. Of course I obliged.

Afterwards, we had discussion groups where I let one student be in charge (a bit) and write down the important thinking that was shared. I put one of my struggling readers as a leader to see what would happen. All 3 groups shared at the end and here are some of their messages they feel Max Lucado was trying to teach: Be yourself and God made us the same (I think they meant different) - be yourself and not copy, and you don't have to be like others. I think they got it!!!

What blew me away was my struggling reader. She rephrased what one girl said, took it up a level and then asked, "Is that what you are saying?" Then as she was sharing, she started off by saying, "I found our thinking fascinating."

I adore reading workshop and what is has done for my passion for teaching. I am also blown away by how God has chosen to bless me with placing me in this position of importance and impression.


Sarah Amick said...

Aren't you glad that you are in a profession where it feels more like something you were called to do? I like how you said that they "sort-of" were in charge. It is hard to allow the role of the responsible one to switch hands. It was nice that your class proved to you that they can handle the role of the responsible one! Keep workshopping!!!!!!

Ruth said...

Wow Cathy --
What a cool day in reading workshop. Just when I think your workshop can't be topped, you go and do something grand the next day.

I admire you for your teaching, your intelligence, and the way you give glory to God.

Hope your summer is filled with many blessings.

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