Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hard Day

Okay, I admit has been a rough day. I was praying hard at 9:10, only 40 minutes had passed since school began. I'm struggling with wanting the end of the year so badly, but yet knowing that I am unsure of how much I have helped these kids this year. I know they are stronger readers and writers than when they entered and hopefully, some have been challenged. It's just been rough and I don't know what started it all...thankfully, tomorrow is Friday and I am going to arrange centers so students can have independent work.

Teachers, how do you cope with the end of the year blues, when behavior from students seems to keep getting worse? Thanks for all possible responses!


Jen Barney said...

ohh- the end of the year can be rough. I always start the day out with music and then end the day with quiet music. I would let them use pens and markers and just draw to the music. Have them hang them everywhere in the room. Helps to calm them down. If it hot in your room, have them sit or lay down on the floor in with one light off and listen to the music before they leave.

Sarah Amick said...

Go outside more and offer then an opportunity to run it off. Give them lots of opportunities to play those Math games quietly. Don't let the noise get to you, let some of thos things go. Everyone, everywhere is going through what you are going through. Learning centers with independent work is a great idea. Keep them busy.

Ruth said...

Cathy --
You have helped your students SO much this year. Because of you they can --

THINK deeply about literature.

Carry on a POLITE, THOUGHTFUL conversation.

Use ENDING PUNCTUATION conventionally (well, pretty close, anyway!)

Write nonfiction, narrative, poetry, friendly letters, comic books, short fiction, and most importantly, ANYTHING ELSE THEY DREAM TO WRITE.

Leave each day knowing there's an ADULT WHO CARES DEEPLY about them.

You, my dear, have accomplished all these things & so much more. Start a list in your notebook -- or better yet, for your focus lesson tomorrow get a giant piece of chart paper (you may need two) and ask them to tell you everything they've learned that good writers and readers do.

Watch out third grade -- there's some smart second graders about to invade!

Ruth said...

PS --
Wear your favorite shoes, that'll help too. And a tiara is a plus. :)

Christi Overman said...

I'm feeling it too. I think remembering all these things posted and also, for better or worse, we don't have these kids longer than a year. We have to make the most of the little time have. Hard to remember a lot of times, I think.