Friday, May 25, 2007


Just wanted to share this picture that I took at my friend's house. Although I supplied the flower, her vase made it gorgeous...I love having my breath taken away from the beauty of God's creation.


Sarah Amick said...

Accountable talk is using the strategies from Mosaic of Thought to create a conversation for children. We sit in a circle and we talk about how our mothers would sit around and have conversations and not raise their hands. We try this in a classroom setting. It is very intimate and we discuss text to self, text, and world. We say things like, "I agree because..." or I disagree, we even thank each other for our comments. It's very cool. Then when we have finished our reading of the text and talked as a group we go knee to knee with someone close and discuss anything that we didn't get to say. At the end of that we go back and do some writing. I have seen kids with no writing experience do some great things. I have also seen surfacy conversations turn much deeper. It is a very cool thing to see.
I know we did a dinosaur reading that was non-fiction, we did accountable talk in a circle and children were able discuss and ask questions. We then went knee-to-knee and then I gave them to post-it notes to write one detail they know and a question. We charted our questions and they were outstanding not surface material at all. Things like:
How do the scientists know where to discover dinosaur bones?
How are fossils formed?
When they dig all the fossils up how do they know how to put them back together?
What happens during an acheological dig?
We got beyond surface questions. It was very neat.

Ruth said...

you're it -- tagged you for 8 things meme. here's the link:

have fun!

PhotoPhanatic said...

This flower is what you say, beauty, I really fell in love with it!