Friday, April 27, 2007


I love hearing my kids (although sometimes it's annoying) use the word inference! They are inferring all of the time. I am starting some new things (even though it's at the end of the year) to establish more community and respect. I am greeting them in the morning before Reading Workshop and they share anything they did at home that connects to our learning at school. One of my boys I discussed that taking your hat off in front of ladies is respectful...for the past two days, when he says hello to me at the door of the class, he takes off his hat. It's darling!

I am going to work with my kids next week with non-fiction. I've been hoarding our Weekly Readers and I am hoping they will not disappoint me!

Also, asking all teachers: what do you think the difference is between predicting, inferring, and drawing conclusions???? Leave a comment. I've also contacted Ellin Oliver Keene (not that she is the expert, but she probably will have some neat things to say).


NYC Teacher said...

I think inferring is much deeper level work and reading beyond the literal meaning of a text or of what someone says or does.

Deanna said...

"Tag, you're it...." Find out more info at my blog!!!

Have a great day!