Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not Bad!

Okay, so our sushi wasn't half bad! A little triangular rather than circular, but it'll happen!

However, I overslept 20 minutes this morning, so I just didn't straighten my hair and scrunched it instead...wrong choice! As my students entered my class today, I heard comments of, Are you having a bad hair day? I think she forgot to brush her hair...Is it crazy hair day? That will teach me to try a new hairstyle. Kids are the best critics aren't they.

For those who are dying to know...Reading conferences are going okay. I'm getting to a group a day and still feel like I am treading water barely, but they will come easier and easier every year I know!

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Ruth said...

Hey Cathy --
Loving your blog. Great list in the previous post. Wondering about the notes you're keeping on your reading conferences. Are you using a similar system to your writing notes? Same binder? Also curious about the groups -- same as your writing groups?

Are you going to Ellin Keene in April? Just heard GREAT things about her today (some other coaches heard her speak in MI) -- she'll be inspiring to you as your reading workshop takes off.